SynAgonism (cooperation) = ALL winners
AntAgonism (competition) = ONE winner MANY losers

overview of

· is the-personal-website\a\ of Kaseluris.Nikos.1959.
· it\a\ contains part of my life-time work on KNOWLEDGE-MANAGEMENT.
· my goal is the-creation of consistent, monosemantic, subjective WORLDVIEWS\b\, manifesting the-unity-of-science, readable by humans and machines, which\b\ will-help us to build a better society.
· the-solution I propose on knowledge-management is STRUCTURED-KNOWLEDGE using SENSO-CONCEPTS-MCS\c\, after more than 35 years of hard work and it\c\ is still very much in its infancy.
· my research starts around {1985}, with my {1990} Science-Support-System paper at George-Washington-University, to be an important step in this journey.
· we MUST move storing our knowledge and laws FROM texts TO conceptual-systems.
· the-site contains my-SUBJECTIVE-WORLDVIEW written in my-lagMcsh-webpage-dialect, PLUS some book, law and standard examples written in my-lagHitp-dialect AND some free-computer-programs-I-am-writing.
· the-site is in PERMANENT development state.

      'OPEN-ALGORITHMIC-SOCIETY' vs 'capital|government-governed-society'
synagonism means 'work|fight together'
Greece, a country (like all others) controlled by own and other governments
NOT by own or other households

☮ "anything WAR can do, PEACE can do better"
[Desmond Tutu]
☮ "we can-trust ONLY open-algorithms"
[Kaseluris.Nikos.1959 {2022-11-09}]
☮ "If you want to change the world, don't protest. Write code!"
[Hal Finney {1994}]
☮ "data|info|knowledge: everything is a-concept"
[Kaseluris.Nikos.1959 {2021-02-15}]
☮ "Trusted Third Parties Are Security Holes"
[Nick-Szabo {2001}]
☮ "People are starting to realize our issues aren't left and right, but top and bottom"
[Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez {2018}]
☮ "the-antithesis EMPLOYER-EMPLOYEE will-be-resolved in a-future autonomously-governed-society"
[Kaseluris.Nikos.1959 {2019-11-20}]
☮ "ipsa scientia potestas est - KNOWLEDGE itself is power"
[Bacon's Meditationes Sacrae {1597}]
☮ "Did you know that it’s actually possible for you to say, “I don’t know enough about this to have an opinion”"
[Richard Feynman {1918..1988}]
☮ "Don't regret anything in life. If it's good, it's wonderful. If it's bad, it's experience! When you win, you win. When you lose, you learn."
[Richard Feynman {1918..1988}]

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* McsEngl.synagonism-site!⇒, {2019-03-07}
* McsEngl.synagonism-website!⇒,
*, /sinágonizm dot net/,

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👉1) clicking on content of a-page, you see the PAGE-TOC-TAB on the-left of the-screen with the-table-of-contents of the-page.
· the-position of mouse on content, is-denoted with yellow-color on TOC.
· on links, one click shows preview, second click goes to the-position of the-target of the-link.
· on TOC, denotes expandable content. use 2 clicks to expand.

👉2) clicking on the-green-TITLE of a-page you see the-NAME-SEARCH-TAB on the-left of the-screen, that searches any of more than 100,000 senso-concepts of my-site.
· first choose the-language of the-name you want to search.
· use '-' instead of spaces in a-name.
· use a-space at the-END of a-name to show exactly this name.
· if a-name contains !⇒, clicking on it, it searches for the-name after !⇒ which is also the-main-name of a-senso-concept.

➽➽➽ view navigation-animation alone in a-tab.

👉3) clicking on text\a\, shows the-address-link of that text.
· double-clicking on address-link you get on address-bar the address of that\a\ text.




Mcs-worldview--of--Kaseluris.Nikos.1959 (link).


time site-map:
❀ {2023-12-18}: autonomous-society.
❀ {2022-09-25}: ΑΠΑΝΤΑ-ΑΡΙΣΤΟΤΕΛΗ.
❀ {2022-08-07}: ΓΡΑΜΜΑΤΙΚΗ-ΑΡΧΑΙΑΣ-ΟΙΚΟΝΟΜΟΥ (lagHitp).
❀ {2022-04-27}: Webapp.GreekAncient-pronunciation (first try).
❀ {2022-04-09}: Webapp.Greek-noun-inflector|declensor.
❀ {2021-04-29}: Σύνταγμα-της-Ελλάδας-2019 και το-εννοιακό-μοντέλο του.
❀ {2018-12-15}: Everipedia-Eos-Dapp decentralized encyclopedia.
❀ {2018-09-15}: "char" senso-concept with 32,262 Unicode-characters (almost all, except CJK).
❀ {2018-03-18}: C++--programing-language senso-concept.
❀ {2018-02-17}: Steem-network senso-concept.
❀ {2017-11-17}: STRUCTURED-CONCEPT (ModelConceptStructured|MCS) publication.
❀ {2017-11-03}: JSON-language senso-concept.
❀ {2017-07-02}: CHAIN-NETWORK senso-concept.
❀ {2017-05-21}: blockchain-network senso-concept.
❀ {2017-05-21}: book: Antonopoulos. Mastering-Bitcoin in Greek,
❀ {2016-08-04}: javascript--programing-language senso-concept.
❀ {2016-06-09}: info-title-content-tree recursive definition
❀ {2016-05-10}: browser-javascript programing-language senso-concept.
❀ {2015-11-22}: εννοιακό-μοντέλο του-Συντάγματος-της-Ελλάδας-2008.
❀ {2015}: People Powered Money. An important and timely book.
❀ {2015}: Keynes General-Theory CONCEPTUAL-MODEL publication.
❀ {2013-present}:, this website.
❀ {2011}: synagonism-mw, a-MediaWiki-skin at SourceForge.
❀ {2011}:, website.
❀ {2011-present}:, webpage-format.
❀ {2010-present}: Table-of-contents-crx, chrome-extension creates ToC on any webpage with headings.
❀ {2010}: HtmlMgr, a java wysiwyg sfi html-editor.
❀ {2002}: GreekWordCreator, java-applet.
❀ {2001}: WordForms, java-applet on greek and english grammar.
❀ {1996-2013}: my previous otenet site.
❀ {1990}: Science-Support-System, paper at George-Washington-University.


֍ my previous otenet site,
֍, (and my #10YearChallenge)

Computer-program (FREE):
֍ GreekWordCreator, {2002}, java-applet.
֍, {present-2011}, webpage app format,
֍ HtmlMgr, {2010}, a java wysiwyg sfi html-editor.
֍ pgmSig, {2014-11-26}, a JavaScript Simple-Image-Gallery.
֍ synagonism-mw, {2011}, a MediaWiki skin at SourceForge.
֍ Table-of-contents-crx, {present-2010}, chrome extension that creates an expandable ToC on any webpage with headings.
֍ WordForms, {2001}, java-applet on greek and english grammar.

BOOK in (lagHitp),
• book: {2016} Antonopoulos. Mastering-Bitcoin in Greek,
• book: {2015} People Powered Money.
• book: {1936} Keynes. The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money,
• book: {1884} Engels. The-Origin of the Family, Private Property and the-State,
• book: {1867-1887} Marx. Capital, Volume-I,
LAW in,
• Law.Eu: Charter of Fundamental Rights,
• Law.Eu: Consolidated version of The-Treaty-on-European-Union,
• Law.Eu: Consolidated version of The-Treaty-on-the-Functioning-of-the-European-Union,
• Law.Us: Constitution-1992, (in force)
• Law.Us: Constitution-1787, (first)
• standard: ecma-262-5.1-2011, ECMAScript,
• standard: un.sna.2008, system of national-accounts.
Mcs-worldview of Kaseluris.Nikos.1959.
• modelInfoWorld: Blockchain-Network senso-concept,
• modelInfoWorld: JavaScript-programing-language,
• modelInfoWorld: Science-Support-System paper, {1990} at George-Washington-University.
• modelInfoWorld: Σημειώσεις-Πληροφορικής-Γυμνασίου,
• modelInfoWorld: Βοήθεια στο MySchool,
Νομοθεσία σε,
• Νομοθεσία Ελληνική: Νόμος-2010/3852-Καλλικράτης,
• Νομοθεσία Ελληνική: Σύνταγμα-της-Ελλάδας-2019, (σε ισχύ)
• Νομοθεσία Ελληνική: Σύνταγμα-της-Ελλάδας-2008,
• Νομοθεσία Ελληνική: Σύνταγμα-της-Ελλάδας-1986,
Διάφορα: misc images, music, etc.
--- Είδη Ζεϊμπέκικων ρυθμών.

name-notation (link)

about me (link)

A picture of me in {1978} (19 years young) that shows my-modelWorld at that time.


Infinite thanks to 'infinite' OPEN-SOURCE programers.
They are a good example that shows the-benefits of SYNAGONISM.

Free PHP scripts:
for the-code of the-counters used in this site.

apophthegm (aphorism)

There are NO God written DEFINITIONS”.
If you don't provide your own, what you say is ambigous.
Do-NOT-use YOUR definitions on the-names of OTHER's sentences”.
Find their definitions.
ANONYMOUS information is WORTHLESS information”,
because, TODAY information without the-brain[1] that supports it, and the-definitions of the-names of its sentences, has no meaning or many meanings|interpretations.
This[1] brain is the-subject of information.
That is why ANY information is SUBJECTIVE.
The-object of information is the-entity of the-world it describes|models|reflects.
True | strong-true | weak-true | true-and-false | weak-false | strong-false | false are DEGREES with which information MAPS its object.
Who is the EVALUATOR is more important than his EVALUATION”.
It is more important WHO someone is, than WHAT s|he says”.
Distinguish an-ENTITY from its NAME”.
Changing its name, does NOT change the-entity.
No matter how you call an-ENTITY, it remains the-same”.

BOOKS are an-important pre computer technology, senso-concepts are the-future.”

woe to you, Scribes and Pharisees, HYPOCRITES
{hmnSgm.2014-04-09, Matthew 23:13}

TALKING is easy, talking with meaning and consistency is very difficult.”

KISS: “Keep It Simple, Stupid”.
{2008.09.09, Unknown}
If you can't explain it SIMPLY, you don't understand it well enough”.
{2014.09.05, Albert Einstein}

We must DISAGREE, but we must UNDERSTAND each other”.
I don't-want you to AGREE with me. First I want you to UNDERSTAND me”.
COMMUNICATION is the-PREREQUISITE of any agreement or disagreement”.

Distinguish the-LIARS from the-WRONGS”.
Forgive the-wrongs, but not the-liars”.

The-DETAIL is what makes a-thing GOOD”.

It makes no sense to talk to DEAF EARS”.

If someone shows you the-WAY, do-not-look at his FINGER”.

“In the social production of their existence, men inevitably enter into definite relations, which are independent of their will, namely relations of production appropriate to a given stage in the development of their material forces of production.
The totality of these relations of production constitutes the economic structure of society, the real foundation, on which arises a legal and political superstructure and to which correspond definite forms of social consciousness.
The mode of production of material life conditions the general process of social, political and intellectual life.
It is not the consciousness of men that determines their existence, but their social existence that determines their consciousness.
At a certain stage of development, the material productive forces of society come into conflict with the existing relations of production or – this merely expresses the same thing in legal terms – with the property relations within the framework of which they have operated hitherto.
From forms of development of the productive forces these relations turn into their fetters.
Then begins an era of social revolution.
The changes in the economic foundation lead sooner or later to the transformation of the whole immense superstructure”.
{2014.05.12, Karl Marx, London, January 1859}

The-HAVINGS last a-lifelong, the-BEINGS forever”.
Τα-ΕΧΩ κρατάνε μια-ζωή, τα-ΕΙΜΑΙ για πάντα”.


· email:
· twitter: @synagonism
· github:


· major site update:
· base-dir: from dirMiwMcs to dirMcs
· Mcs-files: from filMcsName to McsDir000000
· Hitp-files: from name to /dirHitp/HitpDir000

· PARAGRAPH-Mcs: I added paragraph-Mcs in index-files.
· until now the-index-files contained only section-Mcs.

· MAIN-NAME--SEARCHING: this web-app-McsHitp, now automatically searches for the-main-name-of-a-concept and displays the related concepts, when we search on any name of the-concept.

· SEARCH-SCALABILITY: the upgraded site can-manage millions to billions names of structured-concepts.
· I-have-done this by using a-tree-structure to store the-name-index-files of the-structured-concepts of my worlview.
· as example, I added the-char structured-concept with 32,262 Unicode-characters (almost all, except CJK).

STRUCTURED-CONCEPT (ModelConceptStructured-MCS) publication.
MCSs are the building blocks of automated knowledge (AI).

έκανα GLOBAL τα-ονόματα της-ιστοσελίδας-μου "Σημειώσεις Πληροφορικής Γυμνασίου 2007" με το-πρόθεμα 'Μπγ7-, Cig7-'

I made GLOBAL the-names of
- UN.SNA.2008 with the-prefix 'Sna8-'
- Αυθεντία-Στο-Μπιτκόιν with the-prefix 'Ασμ-'
- Σύνταγμα-Ελλάδας-2008 with the-prefix 'Σγμ8-'

Keynes-General-theory: I made the-names of its concepts GLOBAL FOR MY-SITE, this means you have access to them from any of my-webpages using the-prefix 'KnsGt-'.

Structured-concept-searching: by adding this operation on the-webpages of the-site, THE-POWER of structured-concepts over text is-demonstrated.

Blockchain-Network structured-concept.


Title-content-tree-document recursive definition.

Δημοσίευση του-εννοιακού-μοντέλου (conceptual-model) του-Συντάγματος-της-Ελλάδας-2008.

"2015. People Powered Money".
I publish this important and timely book in

Keynes General-Theory CONCEPTUAL-MODEL publication.
Today the-QUANTITY of information of our texts (books, law, web, ...) is UNMANAGEABLE.
In my opinion, we will-manage our knowledge|information if we represent it AND with consistent conceptual-models and conceptual-worldmodels and not only as texts.
To my knowledge, this is the FIRST book published with its (crude) conceptual-model.

I moved my previous site, here.

I added the name-notation I am-using in this site.

I bought the domain "".

my unpublished AAj-site, with my worldview, written to be-viewed with my Table-of-contents-crx, Chrome-extension.

my first otenet-site.




* Kaseluris.Nikos.1959,
* Greek-society,
* Eu-society,
* International-society,
* Sympan,

* Mcs-worldview--of--Kaseluris.Nikos.1959,
* lagHitp-ebook,
* lagHitp-law-English,
* lagHitp-law-Greek,



* web-site,
* info,
* model,
* entity,

* none,


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This SITE uses 'locator-names', names that when you find them, you find the-LOCATION of the-concept they denote.
Type CTRL+F "McsLag4.words-of-concept's-name", to go to the-LOCATION of the-concept.
Clicking on the-green-TITLE of a-page you have access to the-global--locator-names of my-site.
A-preview of the-description of a-global-name makes reading fast.
Abbreviations have no description.

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• version.3.2015-02-17.conceptual-view (2.44): index.3.2015-02-17.html.
• version.2.2013-09-14.aphorism: index.2.2013-09-14.html.
• version.1.2013-05-30.published: index.1.2013-05-30.html.


If you find something useful in this FREE-WEBSITE (= open-source-code and open-data), I will-appreciate any donation at
By donating, you could-contact me, to SUGGEST any important FREE book, law, or standard to publish in

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