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I published it for evolutionary reasons, today-{2019-08-15}

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AAj is a Sensorial-Brainual-Concept--Computer-System which uses my AAj-program, a free and open-source sensorial-brainual-concept--program written in java computer-language and representing s-b-concepts using XML.
AAj help us to MANAGE (= store, retrieve, validate) BRAINUAL-WORLDVIEWS, of different AUTHORS, in different HUMAN-LANGUAGES
. #h0p1#

AAj is the outcome of about 25 years of hard work, or of about 50,000 work-hours (when a life-long (35 years) full-time (8 hours) job is equal to about 60,000 work-hours). #h0p2#

Also, I present here my sensorial-brainual-concept--theory which includes a theory-of-language and my Komo constructed human-language. AAj, from another view, also is an implementation of my s-b-concept--theory. #h0p3#

This is NOT a finished (*) work. Rather, it is the START of a new method of storing and manipulating consistent/coherent/integrated-information/knowledge. #h0p4#

I expect ONLY one thing: to help in the improvement of our society.
I hope, AAj to become the tool we need to create the "NEW-VISION = open-networked-planned-economy" of a better society
. [2008.11.16] #h0p5#

Kaseluris-Nikos (HoKoNoUmo). #h0p6#

Note: Because my AAj-web-site, describes my brainual-worldview with many new concepts and new names and different meanings on used-names, I suggest to have in a new tab, the ALL-NAMES page, from which you can have access to all definitions.

(*) Note: I know that my work is NOT ready to be published. I publish it, because I have the feeling that I'm running out of my life-time and energy. At the same time I feel that my work can give right DIRECTIONS to improve the knowledge about our world. [2009.03.09] #h0p7#

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SSS-Paper (1990)
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