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my previous site,,
• digital-book format,
Science-Support-System paper, 1990 at George Washington University.

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2011: synagonism-mw, a MediaWiki skin at SourceForge.
2011: digital-book format,
2010: TableOfContents, chrome extention.
2010: HtmlMgr, a java wysiwyg sfi html editor.
2002: GreekWordCreator java applet.
2001: WordForm java applet, on greek and english grammar.
1996: my previous site,
1990: Science-Support-System paper at George Washington University.

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About me

• Nikos Kaseluris. (Nikos|Nikolaos Kasselouris|Kaselouris|Kaseluris or Νίκος|Νικόλαος Κασσελούρης|Κασελούρης|ΚΑΣΣΕΛΟΥΡΗΣ)
Nickname: Kaseluris-Nikos-1959, HoKoNoUmo, nikkas.

• 1959-feb-17 in Arta (Fotino), GREECE.

• SensorialBrainualConcept-Theory and its implementation SBConcept-Program (a multi-author, multi-language WORLD-VIEW Management|Integration Computer-Program) [2010.01.16]. Since 1985 I have devoted my life on them.
• JavaScript, Java computer languages.
• Html, Xml markup-languages.

• Since 1995 I'm living in Joannina, with the exception that from 1999-sep-01 to 2002-jun-30 I was living in Lefkada (Vasiliki) island.
• I have two sons: Apostolos, born in 1997-jan-22 and Aristotelis, born in 1998-nov-26.

• Bs in Mathematics, University of Joannina, Greece (1981)
• Ms in Information Management, George Washington University, USA (1992)
• Mainly, I am a self-educated person, especially in Philosophy, Linguistics, Economics, Sociology, History, Political-science.
• But, as Socrates said very long ago, I am sure that: "ONE thing I know, that NOTHING know." ("ἓν οἶδα ὅτι οὐδὲν οἶδα")

Current employment:
• High-School Information-Technology TEACHER.

A picture of me in 1978 (19 years young) that shows my view of my life at that moment.

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