synagonism means "work|fight together"

SynAgonism = ALL winners
AntAgonism = ONE winner

A personal website.



'' is the personal site of Kaseluris.Nikos.1959.
It is written with my webpage-format and contains my SUBJECTIVE view of the world.


Content alphanumerically

my previous otenet site,,

Computer-program (FREE):
GreekWordCreator, 2002, java applet., 2013-2011, webpage format,
HtmlMgr, 2010, a java wysiwyg sfi html editor.
synagonism-mw, 2011, a MediaWiki skin at SourceForge.
Table-of-contents-crx, 2010, chrome extension.
WordForms, 2001, java applet on greek and english grammar.

book in, format,
book: Keynes, 1936, The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money,
book: Marx. 1887-1867. Capital, Volume-I,
html5IdTocPreview, webpage format,
Law in, format,
Law eu: Charter of Fundamental Rights,
Law eu: consolidated version of The Treaty on European Union,
Law eu: consolidated version of The Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union,
Law us: constitution 1992, (in force)
Law us: constitution 1787, (first)
Science-Support-System paper, 1990 at George Washington University.
standard in, webpage format,
standard: ecma-262-5.1-2011, ECMAScript,
standard: un.sna.2008, system of national accounts.
worldview of Kaseluris.Nikos.1959.
Η Ελληνική Λέξη,
Νομοθεσία σε, webpage μορφή,
Νομοθεσία Ελληνική: Νόμος 2010/3852, Καλλικράτης,
Νομοθεσία Ελληνική: Σύνταγμα της Ελλάδας, 2008, (σε ισχύ)
Νομοθεσία Ελληνική: Σύνταγμα της Ελλάδας, 1986,

Content timely

Time site map:
• 2013:, domain.
2011: synagonism-mw, a MediaWiki skin at SourceForge.
2011:, webpage format,
2010: Table-of-contents-crx, chrome extension.
2010: HtmlMgr, a java wysiwyg sfi html-editor.
2002: GreekWordCreator, java applet.
2001: WordForms, java applet on greek and english grammar.
1996: my previous otenet site,
1990: Science-Support-System, paper at George Washington University.

Name notation

In this site I am using the following NAME (term) notation|convention.
In our computer-era, where computers create automatically name-indexes, the following notation puts together related concepts.

Name of a concept with MANY WORDS:
• xxx-yyy
• xxx_yyy
• xxxyyy
example: human-language, human_language, humanlanguage.

• xxx.yyy: the specifc has as generic the xxx with attribute the yyy.
• xxxYyy: same.
example: language.human, languageHuman, Kaseluris.Nikos.1959.

Name of a concept ATTRIBUTE OF ANOTHER:
• xxx's-yyy: yyy is an attribute of xxx.
• xxx'yyy: same.
example: human's-language, human'language (= language-of-human).

If a concept is a process, I use to name it with an '-ing' ending.
example: doing, evoluting, encrypting, ...

bad-names bad-thinking, clear-names clear-thinking.

Site Evolution

I added the name-notation I am using in this site.

I bought the domain "".

About me

• Nikos Kaseluris. (Nikos|Nikolaos Kasselouris|Kaselouris|Kaseluris or Νίκος|Νικόλαος Κασσελούρης|Κασελούρης|ΚΑΣΣΕΛΟΥΡΗΣ)
Nickname: Kaseluris.Nikos.1959, HoKoNoUmo, nikkas.

• 1959.feb.17 in Arta (Fotino), GREECE.

• Bs in Mathematics, University of Joannina, Greece {1981}
• Ms in Information Management, George Washington University, USA {1992}
• Mainly, I am a self-educated person, especially in Philosophy, Linguistics, Economics, Sociology, History, Political-science.
• But, as Socrates said very long ago, I am sure that: "ONE thing I know, that NOTHING know" ("ἓν οἶδα ὅτι οὐδὲν οἶδα").

• SensorialBrainualConcept-Theory and its implementation SBConcept-Program (a multi-author, multi-language WORLD-VIEW Management|Integration Computer-Program) [2010.01.16]. Since 1985 I have devoted my life on them.
• JavaScript, Java, programming-languages.
• Html, Xml, markup-languages.

• Since 1995 I'm living in Joannina, with the exception that from 1999.sep.01 to 2002.jun.30 I was living in Lefkada (Vasiliki) island.
• I have two sons: Apostolos, born in 1997.jan.22 and Aristotelis, born in 1998.nov.26.

Current employment:
• High-School Information-Technology TEACHER.

A picture of me in 1978 (19 years young) that shows my view of my life at that time.


Infinite thanks to 'infinite' OPEN-SOURCE programers.
They are a good example that shows the benefits of SYNAGONISM.

Free PHP scripts:
for the code of the counters used in this site.


KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid.
{2008.09.09, not mine}

Who is the EVALUATOR is more important than his EVALUATION.
It is more important WHO someone is, than WHAT s|he says.

Distinguish an ENTITY and its NAME.
Changing its name, does NOT change the entity.
No matter how you call an ENTITY, it is remain the same.

We must DISAGREE, but we must UNDERSTAND each other.
I don't want you to AGREE with me. First I want you to UNDERSTAND me.

Distinguish the LIARS from the WRONGS.
Forgive the wrongs, but not the liars.

The DETAIL is what makes a thing GOOD.

It makes no sense to talk to DEAF EARS.

If someone shows you the WAY, do not look at his FINGER.

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